Minor Development Review Applications

Customer service such as minor planning approvals, due diligence, and general development inquiries is provided by the Durham Development Services Center

Commonly requested walk-in and quick turn-around services are listed below.

  • ABC Permit Verification: County only; within City limits contact the Durham Police Department.
  • Air Permit Letters: Local jurisdiction review of NC DEQ request. Please address all requests to the Planning Director.
  • Architectural Reviews for design compliance with adopted guidelines.
  • Business Verification Letters (PDF): For new businesses outside the home or change of ownership.
  • Electrical Reconnection Requests (PDF): Not required for single family homes.
  • Family Care or Group Home Zoning Verification Letters (PDF): Note - After staff verifies that the zoning and limited use (including separation) requirements are met for a property, the letter is issued and valid for 180 days.
    • Staff will “reserve” the property location in our database for the applicant.
    • If the applicant has not opened the family care or group home before the expiration date, the letter can be renewed one time, but only if application is made prior to the expiration date on the letter.
    • If a renewal application is not made by the expiration date on the letter, staff will release the location and the applicant will have to start over.
  • Home Occupation Permits (PDF): For new businesses inside the home; or change of business or applicant name and/or address. Home Occupation Permits are not transferable.
  • Limited Agricultural Permits: For a maximum of 10 hens within the City limits. Please see the Applications page for information and the application.
  • Nonconforming Lot Verification Letters. Please see DSC staff for more information.
  • Sign Permits.  Please see the Applications page for information and the application.
  • Street Vendor Registrations (PDF): For vendors selling food within City public street right-of-way. The registration must be posted conspicuously on each cart or truck and expires on June 30th of each year. Registration must be renewed in order to continue doing business.
  • Temporary Use Permits (PDF)
  • Zoning Verification Letters (PDF): For a letter that only confirms the existing zoning of a property and any zoning violations, with no formal statement of whether or not a specific use is allowed on that property.

Commonly Requested Forms