Station Area Strategic Infrastructure (SASI) Study

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The Durham City-County Planning Department is coordinating a planning process in order to examine the opportunities and issues introduced by regional rail transit service in Durham. With expanded rail and bus service expected to become a reality in the Triangle in coming years, strategic planning for infrastructure improvements within proposed Light Rail Transit station areas will be crucial to the long-term success of these neighborhoods and employment centers as places to live, work and play. Planning for infrastructure that is supportive of the investment in regional rail will improve access to transit facilities for all users and help to catalyze private investment. The recommendations contained in this study will suggest:  

  • Solutions to circulation and access issues near the stations;
  • Improvements to the capacity of water and sewer networks based on projected increased densities and intensities of development; and
  • A menu of value-capture strategies to fund capital projects.
The recommendations that emerge from this process will be passed on to GoTriangle to inform LRT Engineering, as well as the Durham City Council to guide capital improvement projects. These recommendations are intended to address areas that are the responsibility of the local government and which are outside of the LRT project area, as defined by engineering drawings.

This project will examine areas within approximately a 1/2 mile radius of each of the 11 light rail stations located in Durham’s jurisdiction as part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Locally Preferred Alternative in two phases. The first phase will study the “urban” stations where, in general, infrastructure is present; however, may require enhancements to serve infill or redevelopment. A second phase will concentrate on “suburban” stations where infrastructure and a transit oriented development pattern may be lacking.
Phase 1: Urban Stations Phase 2: Suburban Stations
LaSalle Street Leigh Village
Medical Center Patterson Place
Ninth Street MLK Jr. Blvd
Buchanan Boulevard South Square
Downtown Durham  
Dillard Street  
Alston Avenue  
The study will provide recommendations for improvement projects that fit within a broad range of categories including: 

  • Pedestrian access and circulation;
  • Bicycle access and circulation;
  • Vehicular access and circulation;
  • Streetscape amenities; and
  • Sewer and water capacity
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