Wilson to Ellerbe Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall Relocation

Project Facts

  • Approximately 1,800 linear feet of sanitary sewer outfall will either be replaced or rehabilitated within the Watts Hospital-Hillandale Neighborhood.
  • Information obtained from the field investigations was used to evaluate design alternatives and summarized in a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) presented to the WHHNA.
  • Design is currently underway and expected to be complete Fall 2020.
  • Construction is expected to begin in mid-2021.
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Project Updates

February 2020
February 10-14, residents in the immediate project area will receive a door hanger notification regarding upcoming survey and geotechnical work. Field work is scheduled to begin seven days after delivery of the notification.

Over the next three months, work will be infrequent and non-disruptive. Hydrostructures will perform additional surveying necessary for the final design. The surveying will be concentrated near the greenway at Ellerbe Creek where the outfall ties into a receiving sanitary sewer. You may notice temporary flagging and non-toxic paint to mark the location of utilities and geotechnical test sites in the road and on the grass. A1 Consulting Services will perform the geotechnical soil testing sometime in March or April. Badger Underground may perform pothole utility locations within that same time frame if determined necessary for design. Soil testing and utility potholing will be concentrated in the area between Wilson Street and Sprunt Avenue. All personnel can be easily identified by logo-ed clothing and vehicles; approach them with any questions or concerns.  

October 2019 (PDF)

Contact Information

  • City of Durham Water Management:
    Lisa Mitchell
    919-560-4381, ext. 35568
  • Hydrostructures, PA:
    Brandon A. Sykes, PE
    919-542-5002, ext. 235
Wilson to Ellerbe Creek - Map