Mayors Challenge

The 2018 U.S. Mayors Challenge, sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is a nationwide competition that encourages city leaders to uncover bold, inventive ideas that confront the toughest problems cities face. Cities face bigger challenges than ever before. Innovation is no longer optional; it’s necessary so cities can continue to deliver results and improve life for residents. The 2018 Mayors Challenge is designed with this urgency in mind. The competition returned to the U.S. as one of the first investments in the Bloomberg American Cities Initiative, an effort to help U.S. cities generate innovation and advance policy.

Durham's parking capacity and budget for street maintenance can’t keep pace with residents’ dependency on single-occupancy vehicles, negatively affecting more than 34,000 downtown employees and residents. The City of Durham tested low-cost methods that apply behavioral insights to nudge people away from single occupancy vehicle commutes. Read more about the Mayors Challenge pilot project and watch the video about the purpose and results of the project.

News Release: Durham Reports Successful Pilot Results to Reduce Downtown Traffic Congestion