2018 Innovate Durham Cohort

The City of Durham and Durham County partnered with six companies for the second year of Innovate Durham. The program gives startups and entrepreneurs a way to test their products or services using City data and infrastructure. The program received 39 applications from companies interested in participating. A review committee of City & County staff narrowed the field down first to eleven finalists, who went through a second round of evaluation, then to the six participants. Each company brought a unique and innovative solution to the program.

Brief descriptions from the companies about their technological solutions along with the assigned test-case departments are as follows:

Community Expert SolutionsCommunity Expert Solutions

Department: County Public Health

Community Expert Solutions has a software platform, Digital LinCS, that matches, connects and manages eligible people to patient assistance programs for free and reduced cost HIV medications. Digital LinCS is configured to complete patient assistance programs for HIV medication and assistance programs. Through Innovate Duhram, Community Expert Solutions worked with Durham County to sign up residents for HIV prevention treatments.

Digital LinCS Demo Day Presentation

Deep Visual InsightsDeep Visual Insights

Department: City General Services

Deep Visual Insights uses carefully tested artificial intelligence software to automatically and regularly check that security cameras are working properly. With the software, developed by Duke University researchers, unhealthy cameras are quickly identified and operators are alerted of the problem. For Innovate Durham they developed a software dashboard and worked with the City's security manager to test their software on the cameras in City Hall.

DVI Demo Day Presentation


Departments: County Library & Engineering Services

Hoverlay is a location-based augmented reality application that can display information about development projects at the location of the project. Anyone around that location would be able to experience a highly visual, highly curated content, about the project. Through Innovate Durham they tested the engagement of their platform at the construction site of the main Library and a new art installation at a County administration building.

Hoverlay Demo Day Presentation


Department: City Fleet

Rownd is an internet of things platform which makes every vehicle a smart vehicle. Using the OBD-II port on the dashboard they can monitor: engine performance and problems, location, acceleration and deceleration patterns, crashes and maintenance schedules. Rownd worked with the City Fleet Management to build an analytics platform to monitor vehicle and driver performance.

ROWND Demo Day Presentation

State of PlaceState of Place

Department: City Transportation

State of Place is a predictive analytics software that quantifies walkability, sustainability and livability. State of Place is using a data-driven, holistic urban design focus to help achieve the City's Vision Zero goal of zero pedestrian fatalities. Through Innovate Durham they worked with Transportation staff to collect road safety and urban design data to recommend design changes that would make streets safer for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

State of Place Demo Day Presentation


Department: City Solid Waste

TRASHR is an internet of things technology that seeks to make the waste management industry more efficient, while promoting sustainable initiatives. TRASHR uses sensors to measure how full a dumpster is and transmits that information to a database where analytics can be used to optimize pickup. For Innovate Durham they tested their devices in several dumpsters throughout the City and made recommendations on pickup schedules.

TRASHR Demo Day Presentation