Chapel Hill Road (Morehead - Pickett) Bicycle Improvements

The striping of Chapel Hill Road between Morehead Ave and Pickett Road has been done in phases over the last ten years. As a result, the striping varies, with some places marked as exclusively parking, some sections as a shared parking/bicycle lane, some sections as exclusively a bicycle lane, and some sections a shared bicycle/travel lane. The inconsistency leads to confusion, particularly for those traveling by bicycle, and can result in unsafe maneuvering and unexpected conflicts with motor vehicles. 

In order to improve the consistency of the corridor, the Transportation Department is proposing the removal of the underutilized exclusive parking sections and the shared parking/bicycle lane sections between Lakewood Avenue and Pickett Road.   The proposed cross-section is shown below and the design can be found here

Comments received during the September public meeting and online comment period are being reviewed and, if possible, incorporated. When complete, the final designs will be shared on this page.

Cut Sheet Chapel Hill Road