Culture of Innovation


The Office of Performance and Innovation supports fostering a culture of innovation at the City of Durham.

Learn more about the City of Durham Innovation Team (Durham iTeam)


An annual campaign for employees to submit their innovative ideas for prototype funding and development. 

Applications are Open for the 2020 IdeaStarter Cohort

Check out our annual IdeaStarter reports:

Durham City-County IdeaLab
Joint venture with Durham County to provide a forum for employees to be exposed to innovation concepts, tools, and approaches.

City of Durham staff have presented on our initiatives to a national audience at the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the Alliance for Innovation. Check out the webinars below:

ICMA Coaching Webinar 

Entrepreneurial Solutions for Local Government Challenges

Alliance for Innovation Webinar

Suggestion Box 2.0: Soliciting and Amplifying Staff Insights