Durham Police University

Advanced courses designed to answer commonly asked questions about specialized topics.  Courses can be presented off-site for a range of audiences.  Our hope is to engage the community and encourage participants to apply for the DPD Citizen’s Police Academy.

Be sure to use our Staff Directory to contact the CRU Sergeant or Corporal to coordinate your presentation.

The following courses are available:

Synthetic Drugs:  The New Addiction

This course takes you through some of the new trends in narcotics and their impact.  There will be an explanation on excited delirium and why these drugs are so easy to get.

So, you have had a home break-in... now what?

A detailed look at the investigation from police response to forensics collection to case investigation.  This case concludes with how warrants are sworn out on the offender.  

You called 911 because your family member is in mental health crisis... now what?

This class explains the training that CIT Officers get, what they might do in the situation and what resources are available in the community.

The process of a 911 call

This explains how a 911 call works from when the community member calls to how the call is dispatched to how officers get the information.

The Life of the Uniform Patrol Officer

This class reviews the role of the Uniform Patrol Officer in the community including function, schedule, and tools available to them.

Crime Classification and Mapping

This explains how Durham Police Crime Analysis classifies different incidents.  It includes a visual demonstration of our crime mapping tools.

The Process and Practices of a K-9 officer

This class reviews the role of the K-9 Officer in the police department and the community.  Topics will include the selection process for dogs, training, community exposure, and skills.