Compact Neighborhood Planning

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The Durham City Council and Durham County Board of Commissioners have adopted changes to the Future Land Use Map near planned stations along the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit (D-O LRT) system. The adopted Compact Neighborhoods are envisioned, over the long term, to evolve into communities with development that is higher density, mixed use, and walkable.
Learn more about Compact Neighborhoods by reading Compact Neighborhoods: An Introduction

Alston Avenue
Alston Avenue Adopted Future Land Use Map
Alston Avenue Compact Neighborhood Report

Erwin Road
Erwin Road Adopted Future Land Use Map
Erwin Road Compact Neighborhood Report

South Square/MLK Jr.
South Square/MLK Jr. Adopted Future Land Use Map
South Square/MLK Jr. Compact Neighborhood Report

Patterson Place
Patterson Place Adopted Future Land Use Map
Patterson Place Compact Neighborhood Report

Leigh Village
Leigh Village - County Adopted Future Land Use Map
Leigh Village - City Adopted Future Land Use Map
Leigh Village Compact Neighborhood Report

Comprehensive Plan Updated Policies
Additional policies related to Compact Neighborhoods were adopted as part of the Durham Comprehensive Plan. These are intended to help guide the Planning Commission and elected officials in making land use policy and zoning decisions. Both are in response to feedback heard throughout the public engagement process. The first formalizes in the Comprehensive Plan the City and County’s resolution on affordable housing in transit areas, while the second aims to describe how future development intensity will transition from the transit station to blend with the surrounding context. 

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