Proclamation Request

Proclamation Policy

Proclamations are issued by the Mayor of the City of Durham to honor and celebrate events, recognize achievements/milestones and to increase public awareness of noteworthy causes. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are honored at the Mayor’s discretion and subject to the guidelines of this policy. The Mayor and the City Manager’s Office reserve the right to decline any proclamation request or edit any draft language.

Proclamations are strictly ceremonial. These documents are not legally binding and should not be interpreted as a policy endorsement. Requests should be received two weeks before the requested date and may be rejected if they are not received sooner.  

Q.What are the criteria for a proclamation request?

  • Proclamations must hold significance or serve an ethical purpose for any Durham City/County citizen(s)
  • Proclamations may recognize a day, week or month
  • Proclamations for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or retirements will be reviewed for its significance prior to being accepted
  • Requests made annually will not be automatically renewed
  • Multiple requests from the same organization may not be honored in the same calendar year
  • The same requirements apply for requesting resolutions and ceremonial letters.

Q.Who can make a proclamation request?

Anyone may make a proclamation request. However, proclamations must have a direct relationship to Durham City/County citizens, events, achievements, services or noteworthy causes. The decision to issue a proclamation is done completely at the discretion of the Mayor, and he reserves the right to deny requests for proclamations at any time.

Q. How should a proclamation request be made?

Submit an Online Proclamation Request


Requests can be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed: (Example Request)

Mail Requests to:                                         Email Requests to:                              Fax Requests to:

 Administrative Specialist                  (919) 560-4801
101 City Hall Plaza, Suite 2400 
Durham, NC  27701

NOTE: Because of the large volume of requests, we cannot honor phone requests.