Current Topics

  1. Angier-Driver Planning and Zoning Study

    Reviving the Angier-Driver business district is a goal shared by community members and the City. In 2014, a public works project to give the “streetscape” a fresh facelift was completed. In beautifying the blocks leading to the intersection of Angier Avenue and Driver Street with new trees, benches, sidewalks and crosswalks, the goal was to make the shops more accessible and pleasant to visit. While the streetscape project has been successful in many ways, there are less obvious factors that pose challenges to reviving the commercial district. One challenge is that current zoning (the rules about how properties can be used and developed) can make it difficult for businesses to re-use the existing commercial buildings.

  2. Architectural Inventory Update

  3. Compact Neighborhood Affordable Housing

  4. Compact Neighborhood Planning

    The Durham City-County Planning Department will be working over the next few months with communities near planned stations along the Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit (D-O LRT) system to determine which areas are best for future transit-oriented development.

  5. Durham Design District Zoning Regulations - Update

  6. Durham Planning Academy

    Durham Planning Academy, Spring 2016

  7. Erwin Road - Compact Design District Zoning

    At the direction of the Durham City Council, the Planning Department has begun the process of rezoning the Erwin Road area to support mixed-use, higher density, and pedestrian friendly development (referred to as “compact design district zoning”). The current zoning districts in the project area are not adequate for Durham’s future needs.

  8. Holloway Street Historic District Expansion

    On June 21, 2010, the Planning Department received a citizen petition to expand the Holloway Street Local Historic District.

  9. Old West Durham – Neighborhood Protection Overlay

    The City-County Planning Department is currently working with the Old West Durham Neighborhood Association, residents, and stakeholders to determine whether a Neighborhood Protection Overlay is appropriate for the Old West Durham neighborhood.

  10. Patterson Place Design District Zoning Regulations

    Patterson Place Design District Zoning Regulations

  11. Station Area Strategic Infrastructure (SASI) Study

    At the community meetings held this Fall attendees had a chance to participate in our “Connecting to the Dots” activity to help prioritize infrastructure improvements in future light rail station areas. There were 17 corridors pre-selected and potential infrastructure projects identified. Participants were challenged to choose between projects by spending a limited amount of resources or “SASI Bucks.”

  12. Urban Open Space Plan

    In 2010, the elected boards adopted the 2011-2012 Planning Department work program. That document directed the Planning Department to develop and implement an Urban Open Space Plan for the Downtown, Urban and Compact Neighborhood (CN) Tiers. The remaining portions of the Urban Open Space Plan consist of the Compact Neighborhoods and the Urban Tier a total of (approximately 17,000 acres). In these geographic areas staff will address open space needs and policies and coordinate with the adopted Downtown Open Space Plan and other plans that have already been adopted.