Annual Report

2017 Annual Report 

Thank you for your interest in your Planning Department! We recently completed a brief report highlighting some of the key initiatives and work that were completed in 2017. The report is provided below and we encourage you to take a look and learn more about our work. 

It is an exciting and busy time to be a planner in Durham. Both the City and County are growing in population and jobs, and the local economy remains robust. Our planners are on the front line playing a vital role in shaping new development in Durham, particularly as we review high-impact projects and plan for future light rail investment and greater density. At the same time, our community also faces a variety of public policy challenges, including housing affordability and the need to expand our infrastructure to keep pace with a growing population. Our planners are working with community partners to devise solutions to these challenges and better position Durham for the future. 

Several of our priorities for the department are to embrace new technologies, improve the customer service experience, work more collaboratively with our public and private partners, and implement new ways to engage and involve our residents in planning. As you’ll see in the report, we are well on our way to achieving these goals.

2017 Durham City-County Planning Annual Report