Applications & Application Materials

Adopted Plans, Manuals and Guidelines 

1.    General

       1.1 Current Fee Schedule (PDF)
       1.2 Organizations List (PDF) (Updated September, 2016)

2.    Annexation

       2.1 Annexation Process Overview (PDF)
       2.2 Annexation Plat Requirements (PDF)
       2.3 Voluntary Annexation Petition (PDF)


Board of Adjustment (BOA)

and Use Permits

       3.1 Additional Review Factors for Fences and Walls (PDF)
       3.2 Appeal of Administrative Decision or Zoning Boundary Application (PDF)
       3.3 BOA Pre-Submittal Registration Form (PDF)
       3.4 Design Special Use Permit Application (PDF)
       3.5 Minor and Major Special Use Application (PDF)
       3.6 Transportation Special Use Permit Application (PDF)
       3.7 Variance Application (PDF)
3.8 Reasonable Accommodation Request

4.    Signage

        4.1 Signage Permit Application and Checklist (PDF)
        4.2 Common Signage Plan Application, Checklist, and Worksheet (PDF)

5.    Minor Development Review Applications


6.    Development Review - Site Plans and Plats

        Important Information: Development Review Timelines and Procedures
        Submittal Information
        6.1   Pre-Submittal Meeting 
        6.1a Development Review Concept Meeting Request Form (PDF)
        6.1b Pre-Submittal/Re-Submittal Conference Request Form (PDF)
        6.1c Department of Public Works (DPW) Pre-Submittal Meeting Checklist (PDF)
        6.2   Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) Plans
        6.2a Application and Checklist (PDF)
        6.2b City Stormwater Submittal Requirements
        6.2c County Stormwater Submittal Requirements
        6.2d Notes

        6.3.  Level 1 Site Plan 
        6.3a Application (PDF)
        6.3b Checklist (PDF)

        6.4   Level 2 and Level 3 Site Plans  
Application (PDF)     
Checklist (PDF) 
City Stormwater Submittal Requirements
6.4d County Stormwater Submittal Requirements (PDF)
6.4e Notes (PDF)

        6.5   Level 4, Major Site Plan, and Preliminary Plats 
        6.5a Application (PDF)
        6.5b Checklist (PDF)
        6.5c City Stormwater Submittal Requirements
        6.5d County Stormwater Submittal Requirements (PDF)
        6.5e Notes (PDF)

        6.6   Amendments (Site Plan or Preliminary Plat)
        6.6a Application (PDF)
        6.6b Checklist (PDF)
        6.6c City Stormwater Submittal Requirements
        6.6d County Stormwater Submittal Requirements (PDF)

        6.7  Final and Exempt Plats
        6.7a Application (PDF)
        6.7b Checklist (PDF)
        6.7c City Stormwater Submittal Requirements
        6.7d County Stormwater Submittal Requirements (PDF)
        6.7e Notes (PDF)

        6.8   Architectural Review (PDF)

        6.9      Special Approvals        
        6.9.1   Environmental 

        6.10   Riparian Buffer Determinations 
        6.10a Mitigation (PDF)
        6.10b No Practical Alternatives Authorization (PDF)
        6.10c Riparian Buffer Variance (PDF)

        6.11   Worksheets
        6.11a Interactive Buffer Model (XLS) (Download it from this link)

        6.12 Consent Forms
        6.12.1 Consent Form – Site Plan/ Annexation/ and Zoning Review Corporate (PDF) 
        6.12.2 Consent Form – Site Plan/ Annexation/ and Zoning Review LLC (PDF)
        6.12.3 Consent Form – Site Plan and BOA (PDF)

        6.13 Floodplain Forms
        6.13.1   Floodplain Determination Form 
        6.13.2   Floodplain Permit Application
        6.13.3   Floodplain Impact Plan Checklist
        6.13.4   Floodplain Impact Narrative Checklist
        6.13.5   Engineer Certification Letter Checklist
        6.13.6   Building Permit Submittal Checklist
        6.13.7   Small Floodplain Submittal Checklist
        6.13.8   Medium Floodplain Submittal Checklist
        6.13.9   Large Floodplain Submittal Checklist
        6.13.10 No-Impact Checklist
        6.13.11 CLOMR Checklist
        6.13.12 Flood-Related Hazard Calculations
        6.13.13 Floodplain As-built Submittal Checklist 


Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)


        7.1 Minor Certificate of Appropriateness Application - formerly Administrative COA Application (PDF)
        7.2 Certificate of Appropriateness Application Instructions (PDF)
        7.3 Historic Landmark Application (PDF)
        7.4 Historic Landmark Pre-Application (PDF)
        7.5 Historic Landmark Pre-Submittal Request (PDF)
        7.6 Major, and Master Certificate of Appropriateness Application (PDF)
        7.7 Work Requiring a Certificate of Appropriateness (PDF)

8.     Home Occupation

        8.1 Application (PDF)

9.     Limited Agriculture Permits (City Only)

        9.1 Application (PDF)
        9.2 Mailing List Form (PDF)
        9.3 Notice and Consent Form (DOCX) (Download it from this link)
        9.4 Notice and Consent Form (PDF)
        9.5 Plot Plan Requirements (PDF)
        9.6 Process Overview (PDF)

10.  Neighborhood Protection Overlay (NPO)

        10.1 NPO Application (PDF)
        10.2 NPO Design Worksheet (PDF)
        10.3 NPO Petition Form (PDF)
        10.4 NPO Pre-Submittal Request Form (PDF)
        10.5 NPO Process (PDF)         

11.  Ordinance Text Amendment

        11.1 Application (PDF)
        11.2 Process Overview

12.  Outdoor Seating Permits

        12.1 Application (PDF)
        12.2 Outdoor Seating Permit Information
        12.3 Outdoor Seating Permit Sworn Statement - No Charges
        12.4 Outdoor Seating Permit Sworn Statement - With Charges

13.  Plan Amendments

        13.1 Application (PDF)
        13.2 Application Information (PDF)
        13.3 Plans for Consideration (PDF)

14.  Site Compliance

        14.1 Outdoor Lighting Certification (PDF)
        14.2 Site Compliance Checklist (PDF)
        14.3 Landscape Extension Request Form (PDF)

15.  Street Closings

        15.1 Application (PDF)
        15.2 Process Overview (PDF)

16.  Street Renaming

        16.1 Application (PDF)
        16.2 Street Naming Guidelines (PDF)

17.  Street Vendor Registration

        17.1 Application (PDF)
        17.2 FAQ Brochure (PDF)

18.  Temporary Use Permit

        18.1 Temporary Use Application - All Except Residential PODS (PDF)
        18.2 Application for Residential PODS Only (PDF)
        18.3 Day Camps Temporary Use Permit Information (PDF)

19.  Watershed Determination

        19.1 Watershed Determination Application (PDF)

20.  Zoning Map Change

        20.1    Zoning Map Change Process Overview (PDF)
        20.2    Pre-Submittal Registration Form (PDF)
        20.3    Zoning Map Change Application (PDF)
        20.4    Zoning Map Change Application - Text Only (PDF)
        20.5    Design Commitments Worksheet (PDF)
        20.6    Development Plan as a Site Plan Pre-Submittal Registration Form (PDF)
        20.7    Development Plan Checklist (PDF)
        20.8    Owner Acknowledgement (With Development Plan) (PDF)
        20.9    Owner Acknowledgement (Without Development Plan) (PDF)
        20.10  Text Amendment Acknowledgment (PDF)
        20.11  Utilities Statement Application