Buchanan Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Project Details

Cleaning and investigation of the City’s existing sanitary sewer facilities in the vicinity of Buchanan Blvd and W. Chapel Hill St. is scheduled to begin the week of February 19 and last for approximately three weeks.

Planned work includes:

  • Light cleaning and closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspections of the existing sanitary sewer located within roadways
  • Lane closures to allow access to existing sanitary sewer manholes
  • Dye testing to verify active sewer services. Residents and business owners will be contacted about assisting with dye testing of sewer service connections.
  • Smoke testing of the existing sanitary sewer:
    • Non-harmful smoke will be introduced to the existing sanitary sewer
    • It is likely that smoke will be visible coming from manholes and drains during the smoke testing - this is normal and expected
    • Door hangers will be distributed seven days in advance of any smoke testing
  • Traffic control signs and markings in active work areas

Pedestrian and driveway access to buildings/facilities will be maintained at all times.

American Tobacco - Buchanan CCTV 11x17 2018_02_07