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In January, Bloomberg Philanthropies recognized the City of Durham as a new member of its Innovation Teams Program, which helps cities solve problems in new ways to deliver better results for residents. Durham was selected from a pool of municipalities with a demonstrated commitment to creating solutions to complex problems through innovation. The City received a $1.2 million, three-year grant from the foundation to help support the i-team, which now has four employees who will offer the City a different set of tools and techniques to innovate more effectively, and work with residents and community stakeholders to solve pressing problems. 

The first challenge, identified by former Mayor William V. “Bill” Bell, is to increase economic opportunity for Durham residents who are justice-involved or at high risk of justice involvement. 

Amnesty Day

Now through November 16, Durham Residents with a suspended or revoked license for more than 18 months can apply to have the District Attorney review old driving charges for possible dismissal.

Ways to apply:

  1. Check Eligibility: Charges must be OLDER than 18 months; Charges must be in DURHAM COUNTY; No DWI or DWI-related charges are eligible.
  2. Contact: Send your name, date of birth, & contact info (email or address) by Text (984) 260-6486 or Email

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a trial date coming up. Do I need to attend it?

Yes, you will need to attend your trial date.  This program only covers charges that are over 18 months old.

What does it mean if I am eligible? Can I drive? Will my charges definitely be dismissed? Is my license still revoked?

Eligibility means that the District Attorney will review your case file to see if any of your charges can be dismissed. Even if your charges are dismissed, you will still need to pay any outstanding fines and fees as well as the restoration fee for your license before you can drive again.

Why are you communicating by text and emails?

Due to the high volume of applicants to this program, text and emails are the easiest way both for people to apply to this program and for the City of Durham to respond to you.

What’s the purpose of this program?

This program aims to help those with revoked or suspended driver’s licenses get one step closer to getting your license restored.  The City of Durham understands how important driver’s licenses are for employment and quality of life in general and we are committed to helping our residents overcome the barriers not having a license may cause.

My charges are in other counties. Do other counties have similar programs?

At this time, other counties do not have this program.

When will you get back to me? How will you get back to me?

We will get back to you within a month using the contact information you have provided to us.

What if my contact information changes?

If you know that your contact information will change within the next month, please send us your next contact information by text or email.

More Info:

Flyer: Has your diver's license been suspended or revoked?

About the i-Team

The City’s new i-team consists of a director, project manager, design strategist and data analyst. Assistant Director of Strategy & Performance Josh Edwards, who leads the City’s Office of Performance and Innovation, serves as the director. 

Ryan Smith, who most recently served as special assistant to the dean and senior director of Innovation for the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, serves as the project manager. Erin Parish serves as the design strategist. Parish is a cultural anthropologist with experience working with community organizations, development organizations and peace-building initiatives in the United States, Nicaragua, Gabon, Northern Ireland and Colombia. Darin Johnson serves as the data analyst. Johnson worked in the banking industry for more than five years prior to joining the team, and also has experience with both multi-disciplinary research and an array of human centered problem solving strategies as a graduate of the Winston-Salem State University Department of Psychology.

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