Longtime Homeowner Grant Program

The Longtime Homeowner Grant is designed to assist longtime homeowners that may have experienced an increase in their property taxes due to the City of Durham's revitalization efforts in the Southside, Northeast Central Durham (NECD), and Southwest Central Durham (SWCD) target areas.

To be eligible you must:

  • Own and reside in your home as your primary residence.
  • Have lived in your property since July 1, 2012.
  • Have experienced an increase in property tax obligations beginning in 2016.
  • Have applied for Durham County Property Tax Relief Programs for which you are eligible.
  • Own a property located in the Southside, Northeast Central Durham, or Southwest Central Durham target area that is within 500 feet of a City housing investment. (see map below)

Assistance in the form of a grant will be available to approved homeowners.  The Community Development Department will accept applications from December 5, 2019 through March 30, 2020 for the Southside, NECD and SWCD target areas for the 2018 real property tax year.  Applications may be downloaded here and submitted to the Department of Community Development, or you may request an application by contacting the Department at (919) 560-4570.

Southside Target Area Map
Northeast Central Durham Target Area Map
Southwest Central Durham Target Area Map


  • Your income for the 2018 calendar year must be 80% or below the HUD median family income for the Durham-Chapel Hill area (Please refer to the chart below).
  • A copy of your 2018 Federal Tax Return for the corresponding year must be submitted along with your application to determine eligibility.
Assistance in the form of a grant will be available to approved homeowners.


Family Size       1          2      3      4       5       6       7       8
80% AMI $45,150 $51,600 $58,050 $64,500 $69,700 $74,850 $80,000 $85,150