Shared Active Transportation

Shared Electric Scooters and Bikes in Durham

On October 15, 2018 the City of Durham approved an ordinance and fees establishing a new permit process for shared active transportation.  The Shared Active Transportation Ordinance modified the previous bike share ordinance based on lessons learned from the 2017 dockless bike share pilot, and expanded the permit to include electric scooters (e-scooters) and electric bikes. In recent months, City staff has reviewed applications from several companies interested in operating in Durham. The City issued permits to companies that had successfully completed the review process, with operations starting on June 13, 2019. Companies have only requested and received permission for e-scooters, but may request permits for other modes, such as electric bicycles, in the future.

Program Survey

We'd like to thank everybody who participated in our scooter survey. As part of the program evaluation, the City’s Transportation Department asked residents, business owners, and visitors to provide feedback on the program through an online survey, which closed on December 2. More information will be available soon.

E-Scooter Companies

E-scooter companies are responsible for operations, maintenance, deployment, rebalancing, and encouraging the safe operation of their devices. Visit the operator’s website for more information about their e-scooters, safety measures, opportunities for discounted rates, and access to e-scooters without a smartphone.

Problems with E-Scooters

If you see an e-scooter that is damaged, parked improperly, tipped over, or in the way of the street or sidewalk, you should directly report the issue to the relevant e-scooter company. Please see the information above for the contact at each company, either by support phone line or email. Per Durham’s ordinance, you should expect a resolution within two hours of sending them direct notice.

If you see a company not complying with our ordinance or not responding to service requests, contact us at so that we can notify them on your behalf.

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