Shared Active Transportation

COVID-19 Temporary Protocol

Under Durham’s temporary Safer-at-Home Order, active companies will be required to provide the City and customers with sanitation protocols for customers and employees related to COVID-19. All active companies have been approved and will operate for essential trips for the time being. 

Shared Electric Scooters and Bikes in Durham

On February 3, 2020, the City of Durham approved an ordinance and fees for shared active transportation.  This new ordinance modified the previous Shared Active Transportation Systems (SATS) ordinance approved in October 2018. As part of the ordinance revision process, City staff reviewed feedback from over a thousand residents, from existing scooter permittees, and several stakeholder organizations, to develop the adopted revisions to the SATS Ordinance and program.

Since the start of the scooter program in June of 2019, there have been over 210,000 trips taken in the city, between the four existing operators.  As the program continues into 2020, the City wants to work with existing and potential permittees in further developing the program, educating the public on safety and proper scooter riding, and providing protected marked parking for vehicles.

The window is now closed for new applications for companies interested in operating in Durham, along with renewal applications for existing permittees. We accepted applications until 5:00 P.M. on June 12, 2020. Interested companies used the resources to the right (Current Ordinance and Fee Structure, new/renewal application, and indemnification form) to apply. Applicants may request and/or receive permits for e-scooters, electric-assist bicycles, and dockless bicycles. A review of those who applied will occur this summer.

Note that completing a SATS application does not guarantee a SATS permit. The City reserves the right to deny any permit request(s) based on insufficient information, unsatisfactory answers to application questions, lack of compliance with the ordinance and permit requirements (if applicable), and to ensure the integrity of the city’s transportation system and protect the health, safety, and welfare of Durham residents.

E-Scooter Companies

E-scooter companies are responsible for operations, maintenance, deployment, rebalancing, and encouraging the safe operation of their devices. Visit each operator’s website for more information about their e-scooters, safety measures, opportunities for discounted rates, and access to e-scooters without a smartphone.

  • Bird (Black)
  • Spin (Orange)
    • Contact Spin by phone at 888-249-9698 or email
    • For more on discounted rates and how to rent a Spin scooter without a smartphone, click here.
  • Gotcha (Teal)
    • Contact Gotcha by phone at 844-254-7174 or email 
    • For FAQs and information for discount rates and how to rent a Gotcha scooter without a smartphone, please click here.

Problems with E-Scooters

If you see an e-scooter that is damaged, parked improperly, tipped over, or in the way of the street or sidewalk, you should directly report the issue to the relevant e-scooter company (see information above), either by support phone line or email. Per Durham’s ordinance, you should expect a resolution within two hours of sending them direct notice.

If you see a company not complying with Durham’s ordinance or not responding to service requests, contact City Staff at so that someone can notify them on your behalf.

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