How to Prevent Water Pollution

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To Report Stormwater Pollution:

Notice something other than stormwater going down the storm drain or in the storm drainage system? If you see or smell oil, chemicals, sewage, yard waste, large amounts of dirt, or anything else that's not just stormwater going down the storm drain, contact us immediately!


Know the Law: Only Rain Down the Storm Drain in Durham! 

When stormwater flows over parking lots, roofs and lawns, it collects soil, pesticides, oils, and other pollutants. This water runs down into storm drains which are connected to the city's stormwater pipes. The water then flows directly into the closest water body. It does NOT get cleaned up. The creeks and streams in Durham carry this polluted water out to our lakes, which are used for drinking water, recreation, and wildlife habitat. 

The City of Durham's stormwater ordinance says that nothing but pure stormwater is allowed down the storm drain. Anything else is considered an illicit discharge. Read more about illicit discharges.

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Prevent Pollution on the Job

Businesses and workers in Durham can help protect our water quality by taking some simple steps. Please read the information below to make sure your business is in compliance with city ordinances and doing its part to keep our water clean.

Read about resources and guides for the following: 

  • Waste containment vendors
  • Cleanup contractors 
  • Automotive/Vehicle maintenance
  • Directional Drilling
  • Construction 
  • Landlords
  • Landscaping
  • Mobile vehicle washing
  • Painters
  • Power (surface) washing
  • Restaurants