Mayor's Hispanic/Latino Committee

Mayor's Hispanic/ Latino Committee


The Hispanic/Latino Committee has been active in serving as a liaison between Hispanic/Latino community groups and the City of Durham government since 2002. On October 5, 2015, City Council voted unanimously to recognize the Mayor’s Hispanic/Latino Committee as an official committee of the City of Durham. In its official capacity, MHLC advises and informs the Mayor and City Council of concerns and issues that have a specific impact on Hispanic/Latino communities in Durham.


To improve the opportunities and quality of life of Hispanic/Latinos in the City of Durham through civic engagement by promoting the interests and needs of the Community at large. To serve as liaison and consultative body between the Hispanic/Latino residents and City government officials in order to further promote and protect equal opportunities for all.


MHLC is a non-political committee of 19 members, including 15 representatives of public and private agencies who serve the City’s Hispanic/Latino community in a meaningful or substantial way. At least 50% of the membership shall be comprised of Hispanic/Latino individuals of Hispanic/Latino descent. Membership is not required to attend meetings. In fact, the committee encourages non-members and non-member agencies to participate in meetings and events. Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at 11:00 a.m. in the Dept. of Neighborhood Improvement Services (unless otherwise notified).


MHLC has five (5) core initiatives which have been broken down into the following subcommittee: Fair Housing, Civil Rights and Justice, Economic Development, Culture Recreation and Fine Arts, and Public Safety.


Lenin martinez-gallo, city liaision 


Maralis B. Mercado Emerson, Committee Chair

Italo Medelius, Committe Co-chair

Kiara Aranda, Secretary