R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Trail

About R. Kelly Bryant

R. Kelly Bryant was a long-time civil rights activist and Durham Open Space and Trails Commission member. The news article below offers some insight into his life and legacy in Durham.

Jason Phelan, Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21228


RKBB Project Map

Team Members

Durham Parks & Recreation Dept.
Transportation Dept. Bike & Pedestrian Div.
NC Department of Transportation

Current Phase



$3,989,621 Federal Grant
$1,424,410 City of Durham
$5,414,031 Total Budget


New Trail Update 
Nuevas Actualizaciones

Fall 2019 Survey Results

R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Segment 3
R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Segment 7

Expected Completion

August 2023

Project Description

This bicycle and pedestrian trail will be approximately 3 miles long. It will connect the existing Rocky Creek Trail on Dakota Street north to the Drew/Granby Park located on Drew Street in Durham. The trail will connect users to an existing trail network, surrounding neighborhoods, NC Highway 55, , Burton Park, Burton Elementary School, the 147 blue pedestrian bridge, Eastway Elementary School, Long Meadow Park, East End Park, and Drew/Granby Park.