Development Service Center

Robyn Heeks, Division Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21245


101 City Hall Plaza Durham, NC 27701 Map

Team Members

RND Architects
Riggs-Harrod Builders
Price Modern Commercial Interiors
City-County Planning Department
City-County Inspections Department
Public Works Department

Project Description

The City-County Planning and Inspections departments are undergoing changes and some offices are relocated to allow for construction. The Customer Service and Plan Intake functions of the departments will be temporarily operating out of the conference room area on the ground floor of City Hall. The move will allow for construction of the new Development Services Center. The new center will coordinate administrative reviews, permits and approvals for departments, agencies and advisory boards, providing a "one-stop shop" experience for customers. Telephone numbers, office hours and services will remain unchanged.


Plan Intake Area before pic

City County Inspections Plan Intake Area

Conference Room GA Entrance-Temporary Work Space

Temporary Work Space Entrance

Reception Area before pic

City County Reception Area

Conference room GA-Temporary Work Space

Temporary Work Space for Staff




April 2017