Habitat for Humanity of Durham

Over the last two years, with funding provided by the City of Durham, the Department of Community Development has supported the creation of an additional 20 Habitat For Humanity newly-built or substantially rehabilitated houses in North East Central Durham (NECD) neighborhoods. All homes were purchased by low-income residents with household incomes below 60% of the Area Median Income. Organized in 1985, Habitat For Humanity of Durham has built and sold more than 350 houses in the City of Durham, with 30 of those built and sold in NECD and another 15 under construction, since Mayor William ‘Bill’ Bell declared a Poverty Reduction Initiative that targeted U.S. Census tract 10.01, the poorest in the City of Durham, that encompasses much of NECD. The concentration of multiple new homes and new homeowners in a targeted area has a revitalizing effect on neighborhoods, often causing the values of surrounding properties to increase and begin to be better maintained, reducing crime and increasing educational outcomes. The City values its partnership with Habitat that creates ownership opportunities, involves volunteers, adds to the tax base, and revitalizes neighborhoods.