Current Projects

Status of Current Transportation Projects

The City of Durham is currently working on many transportation projects. Some of these are in collaboration with NCDOT, some are local road projects, and some are exclusively bicycle and/or pedestrian focused projects. Learn more about the status of these projects here.

How Can I Learn if a Road is Local or State-Maintained?

Many roads in Durham are maintained by NCDOT. To see what roads are NCDOT/State maintained, you can look at this map. To learn the current status of a project on an NCDOT maintained road, follow this link and choose "Durham" as the County.

More Information about City Projects

Road projects on locally maintained roads, and most bicycle and pedestrian projects, are managed and/or constructed by the City's Public Works Department. You can learn more about the status of these projects here

More Information about Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

You can learn more about the status of bicycle and pedestrian projects by viewing this table. Visit our Maps page for interactive maps of all current bicycle and pedestrian projects in the City of Durham.

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