Current Plans and Projects

The City of Durham is currently working on many transportation projects of all different modes. Some of these projects are in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), and some are local projects. 


Depending on the size and scope of the transportation project, a variety of sources of funding can be used.


A transportation project usually goes through a few phases from conception to completion.

Planning: the City works with the community to identify and evaluate options for improving transportation in an area. An official study or plan might be needed depending on the size and scope of the project. The study or plan goes to City Council or another regional body for adoption. The departments usually responsible for this phase include Transportation, Parks and Recreation (for trails), and City-County Planning.

Funding: has to be identified for design and construction work on the project. Projects adopted can stay inactive until funding can be achieved. Large corridor projects that are often funded with a combination of federal and City funding. This can sometimes occur before the Planning Phase. Funding sources are discussed above.

Design: The City hires a design consultant or uses an in-house team to draft detailed plans and specifications needed to construct a project. Public involvement is conducted early in the design process to collect input on preliminary designs. Usually, Transportation or General Services is in charge of this phase.

Right-of-way: The City acquires the property rights needed for easements or to build and maintain facilities outside of the right-of-way. Usually, the General Services Department is in charge of this phase.

Utility relocation: Utility infrastructure (e.g. overhead power lines, water and sewer lines, underground gas lines, etc.) are moved as needed to make way for construction. Usually, the General Services Department is in charge of this phase.

Construction: A construction contractor is responsible for building the project according to the prepared plans and specifications.  The contractor must also work to minimize service disruption, prevent soil erosion, manage traffic impacts from the project, and protect all public and private property in the work area. At the start of this phase, residents, property owners, business owners and others in the vicinity of the construction site are notified when work is expected to begin and end. Usually, the General Services Department or the Public Works Department is in charge of this phase.

Maintenance: After completion, projects are maintained for upkeep, re-pavement, and repair by either the City of Durham or NCDOT. Usually, the Public Works Department is in charge of maintenance of city roads. 

This map shows which roads are NCDOT/State maintained . To learn the current status of a project on an NCDOT maintained road, see NCDOT's Construction Progress Report. Under the County box, choose "Durham".



A list of all active projects are in the table below, some with links to pages with more information about the project. The status of every active project can also be found here in detail. 

Active Transportation Projects or Plans

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