Downtown Parking Deck Elevator Modernizations

Todd Tingler, Project Manager
919-560-4197 ext. 21249


Chapel Hill Street Parking Garage, 326 East Chapel Hill Street Durham, NC 27701 Map
Corcoran Street Parking Garage, 110 Corcoran Street Durham, NC 27701 Map
Durham Centre Parking Garage, 300 W Morgan Street Durham, NC 27701 Map

Team Members

Design Engineer: Sud Associates
Stewart Elevator Consulting
RND Architects
CT Wilson

Project Description

The renovation, up-fit and modernization of 7 elevators in three Downtown Parking Garages: Chapel Hill Street (1); Corcoran Street (3); Durham Centre (3). An elevator inspection specialist will be retained to visit and access all elevators looking at their: overall condition, mechanical and electrical equipment status, appearance, age, life safety, ADA accessibility, lighting, etc. Once a full assessment is complete, the information will be reviewed and used to develop a project scope for design and construction services.

Construction began in April 2017 with the single elevator at Durham Centre Garage. Work will progress over the next eight months moving from Durham Centre to Chapel Hill Street Garage, finishing with the Corcoran Street Garage.


P3 closed door elevator
P3 open door elevator
P1 open door elevator
Durham Centre_3.1



Current Phase


Expected Completion

Durham Centre Elevators - Completed October 2017
Chapel Hill Street Elevators - Complete by end of February 2018
Corcoran Street Elevators - Complete by end of February 2018