Links to paper applications for permits have been placed on this page for your convenience. Note that paper copies, as well as the online application link (where appropriate, have been provided. We recommend that applicants for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits utilize the online link for access to the Land Development Office software to apply for permits, check on the status of permit issuance, schedule inspections, and to monitor the status of all inspection approvals and Certificate of Compliance issuance.

Paper Applications

If you are utilizing the paper applications, complete the form and either mail with a check or fax (if your company has a charge account with the City of Durham where you will be billed) to City-County Inspections. If your company does not have a charge account, you will need to either mail a check or come to the office in order to pay. The fee schedule for all applications can be found using this link.

All paper applications submitted for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical will be charged a $5 surcharge unless it is your company’s first permit in which case the fee will be waived. If it is your company’s first time applying for a permit, we ask that you mail in or come in to the office in order for us to set the company up in our system. We will then give you the information you need to apply online for permits. The permit application forms must be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The form on the website is an application only.

The address for mailing applications is City-County Inspections Department, 101 City Hall Plaza Durham, NC 27701.

Application Status

No work may begin until the permit is issued. You can check the application status by using the Land Development Office software. Search the application by the address of the job. Once the application has been approved, under status you will see the word “issued.” You can print a copy of the permit from the Land Development Office for your records.