Eno River Watershed Improvement Plan

The Public Works Department is working on the Eno River Watershed Improvement Plan. The City has contracted with AECOM to work with the City's Stormwater and GIS Services Division to prepare an engineering study and assessment of the Eno River watershed. The Eno River Watershed Improvement Project is part of the City of Durham’s efforts to improve the health of our creeks and to comply with water quality regulations. For information, email Project Manager Sandra Wilbur, or Lance Fontaine.

Do you know YOUR watershed? Use this map of the City's watersheds to see what watershed you are in! Find Your Watershed Map (PDF)

Social Media & Press Releases

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To learn more about the project and follow its progress return to this project page often. You can also follow us on Twitter @durhamstormH2O and Facebook @durhamncstormwater (#EnoRiver) to receive updates on the project.

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Watershed Assessment Report

The Watershed Assessment Report is an important part of the Watershed Improvement Plan (WIP). This document presents watershed characteristics, summarizes water quality and stream conditions, identifies potential causes of poor water quality, and describes possible opportunities to improve watershed health.

Eno River Watershed Assessment Report (PDF | LARGE FILE - 27 MB)

Meeting Presentations & Project Status Reports Available for Viewing

Public information sessions are held at key points during the development of each Watershed Improvement Plan. The meetings help the City keep residents informed about the project and allow residents an opportunity to provide important feedback about the project to City staff.

Meeting 1 - March 21, 2017
Eno River Watershed Plan Fact Sheet 1 (PDF)

Una pagina informativa del plan mejorar la cuenca hidrografica del Eno River (PDF; en Español)

Presentation 1 (PDF)

Meeting 2 - November 2, 2017
Eno River Watershed Plan Fact Sheet 2 (PDF)

Aquatic Plant and Fish Surveys (PDF)

Presentation 2 (PDF)

Meeting 3 - July 31, 2018

Eno River Watershed Plan Fact Sheet 3 (PDF)

Presentation 3 (PDF)

Eno River Field Assessment

The Stormwater and GIS Services Division (Department of Public Works) will work with AECOM and the consultant team to conduct an assessment of the Eno River Watershed. An assessment is like a health check-up for a watershed and its streams. This assessment will evaluate existing stream conditions and water quality throughout the watershed, and identify potential projects to improve the health of the Eno River watershed and create value for communities in the watershed.

A map of the watershed showing sections of stream included in the field assessment can be found here:
Eno Stream Field Work Map

Additional Project Information

Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) (PDF) can be physical devices (e.g. stormwater ponds) or activities (e.g. picking up pet waste) that protect the environment from stormwater pollution. SCMs can be used to prevent, reduce or offset stormwater runoff and pollution. They are also referred to as “Best Management Practices” or BMPs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines BMPs as “techniques, measures or structural controls that are used to manage the quantity and improve the quality of storm water runoff in the most cost-effective manner.”