Outdoor Pools

Durham Parks and Recreation maintains three outdoor seasonal pools for individuals and families to enjoy water activities, water exercise, and swim lessons. 

The outdoor pools open for the season on Friday, June 9, 2017. 
Forest Hills Pool
1639 University Drive
Hours of operation
Hillside Pool
1221 Sawyer Street
Hours of operation
Long Meadow Pool
917 Liberty Street
Hours of operation

Outdoor Pools - Daily Admission Fees

Daily Admission Type City Resident - Daily Admission Fee Non-City Resident - Daily Admission Fee
Youth & Teen (ages 0-18) No Cost $5
Adult (19+) $3 $8
Senior (55+) $2 $7
All outdoor pools are cash or check only
Everyone who enters the pool must pay the admission fee including persons who are observing and not swimming.

Daily admissions must be paid in cash. Other forms of payment or bills larger than $10 are not accepted.

Admission fee covers the entire day. A re-entry stamp is required if leaving and coming back to the pool. Refunds are not issued for daily admissions.