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Durham's Community Voice web page seeks to engage residents by encouraging feedback on the major topics of the day. What should the focus of spending be for the coming year's budget? How should the City address the problem of parking as the downtown continues to grow at a rapid pace? Community Voice is a vehicle to help residents make their voices heard. Let us know about a topic you would like to see discussed, or voice your opinion on topics that others initiate. Let your voice be heard. Tell us your ideas, add comments so that we know what is important to you. City staff will do its best to respond to questions within one business day when possible.

City staff can also gauge the community pulse by using our Opinion Poll tool. See a poll question that interests you? Voice your opinion and see how the votes tally.

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Participation and Posting Guidelines
We want to hear from our residents and encourage our visitors while on this page to provide comments and feedback. However, we do have user guidelines and respectfully request that site visitors adhere to them. The City of Durham reserves the right to delete all comments that are not in compliance with the following guidelines:
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