American Tobacco District Waterline Replacement

Project Facts

  • The Department of Water Management is improving the existing water and sewer infrastructure between Pettigrew and the Durham Freeway from William Vickers Avenue to Dillard Street and along Dillard and Ramseur from Pettigrew to Fayetteville.  The locations of the improvements can be viewed on the project area map.
  • Construction is complete for Phase 1. The design phase is complete for the Phase 2 and construction will begin Spring 2020 and last 15 to 18 months. Phase 3 construction is expected to begin in summer 2021 and last approximately 12 months. Concurrent with Phase 3, construction will begin on Phase 4 to replace the existing sewer outfall along Lakewood Ave. More information about Phase 4 can be found here.

Thank You!

The City and its contractors appreciate your patience during these short-term inconveniences as we undertake this project to improve reliability of the City’s water system.