Environmental Initiatives

Both the City and County of Durham are committed to vigorously pursuing sustainable practices in their operations. Initiatives include:
  • LED lights are in four downtown public parking garages, City Hall, and the South Durham Water Reclamation Facility.
  • There are 6 City facilities with solar hot water systems.
  • The City and County have each purchased several electric vehicles and installed public electric vehicle charging stations throughout Durham.
  • The City's Fleet Management Department purchases fuel-efficient vehicles, including hybrids, that qualify for the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program.
  • City and County idle reduction policies require employees to shut off vehicles when not in use to reduce fuel costs, maintenance, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A County green building policy requires all new buildings to meet high environmental standards. The County currently has 9 LEED buildings. The City is currently building 2 LEED buildings, including the new Police Headquarters.

Other Departments Making Our Community More Sustainable

Soil, Water & Waste

Open Space

Planning & Development