Helpful Links/Contact Information

The Legal Aid NC may provide legal assistance in civil matters for a citizen without the financial resources to hire a private attorney.

Complaints regarding city services may be directed to the city's Customer Service Center at 919-560-1200.

Legal Assistance

Claims against the city may be directed to City Attorney Kimberly Rehberg 919-560-4158.

The Public Defender, located on the 5th floor of the Durham County Courthouse, 919-808-3023, may provide legal assistance in criminal cases.

For questions regarding court dates or appearances the clerk of court is located on the 3rd floor of the Durham County Courthouse and may be reached at 919-808-3000.

Copies of city ordinances may be obtained by contacting the City Clerk at 919-560-4166.


For questions relating to traffic tickets or criminal prosecution, the District Attorney's Office is located on the 6th floor of the Durham County Courthouse and may be reached at 919-808-3010.

Parking tickets are handled through Park Durham. To pay a parking ticket call 919-680-2481. Appeals to parking tickets must be made in writing, but for information call 919-680-2481.
More Phone Numbers
How do I:
  • Report a Dead Animal:
    Contact Durham One Call 919-560-1200
  • Get a birth Certificate:
    Contact the Register of Deeds 919-560-0495
  • Get a Business License/City Privilege License:
    Contact Business License 919-560-4700
  • Get a Building Permit:
    Contact City/County Inspections 919-560-4144
  • Have an Abandoned Car Removed:
    Durham One Call 919-560-1200
  • Report a Suspected Child Abuse:
    Social Services 919-560-8000
  • Apply to Serve on a County Citizens Board:
    Clerk to the Board 919-560-0025
  • Apply to Serve on a City Citizens Board:
    City Clerk's Office 919-560-4166
  • Locate on Map All City Right of Ways:
    Public Works 919-560-4326
  • Learn About Commissioners Meeting:
    Clerk of the Board 919-560-0025
  • Start a Community Watch Program:
    Sheriff's Department 919-560-0900
  • Apply for a County Government Job:
    Durham County Human Resources 919-560-7900
  • Rent the County Stadium:
    County General Services 919-560-0436
  • Inquire About and/or File for a Divorce:
    Court Clerk 919-808-3000
  • Report Stray Dogs:
    Animal Control 919-560-0630
  • Apply for Food Stamps:
    Social Services 919-560-8000
  • Get a Gun Permit:
    Sheriff's Department 919-560-0898
  • Get Heating Assistance (Welfare Recipients):
    Social Services 919-560-8000
  • Get Immunizations:
    Health Department 919-560-7600
  • Get Information on Vacant Lot City Ordinance:
    Community Development 919-560-4570
  • Get a Marriage License:
    Register of Deeds 919-560-0493
  • Get a Name Change (Contact a Private Lawyer):
    Court Clerk 919-808-3000
  • Get Procedures to Protest a Zoning Petition:
    City Clerk 919-560-4166
  • Complain About Posters on Utility Poles:
    City/County Planning 919-560-4137
  • List Property Taxes:
    County Assessor 919-560-0380
  • Pay Property Tax:
    Tax Collector 919-560-0300
  • Test Land for Septic Tank:
    Health Department 919-560-7800
  • Get Help for Substance Abuse:
    Mental Health 919-560-7100
  • Learn About Veterans Benefits:
    Veteran Services 800-827-1000
  • Register to Vote:
    Board of Elections 919-560-0700
  • Have a Water Meter Fixed (Bill is Higher Than Usual):
    Revenue Billing 919-560-4411
  • Get a Work Permit (Teenager):
    Social Services 919-560-8000
  • Inquire About Zoning or Rezoning Boundaries:
    City/County Planning Department 919-560-4137