District 4

District 4 Substation Information
District 4 Substation is located at 2945 S Miami Boulevard, Suite 135 (in the shopping center near T.W. Alexander Drive). The substation houses the district’s patrol units, investigators, administrative staff, HEAT 4 team and District 4 Citizens Observer Patrol.

The substation is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on City of Durham business days. Since the substation is a secure area, it will be necessary to push the intercom button located next to the door to alert a Durham Police Department member who is inside. The substation is closed to the public on weekends and city holidays. If you need immediate service, or if you cannot reach anyone at the substation, please dial 911.
District 4 Police Substation
District 4 Uniform Patrol
Uniform patrol is the backbone of the police department. These officers wear uniforms and drive marked police vehicles. They patrol their assigned areas known as "beats" to detect and prevent crime. They also respond to 911 emergency calls and other calls for service. The uniform patrol officers in each district also are in charge of getting to know the people in the community that they serve.

Partners Against Crime
Please visit the Partners Against Crime page for more information.

High Enforcement Abatement Teams
HEAT 4 is 1 of 4 district problem-solving squads called High Enforcement Abatement Teams (HEAT) that target problem areas, persons and crime trends. District commanders use their HEAT officers to handle crime “hot spots” as well as quality of life issues such as street-level drug sales, prostitution and loitering.

HEAT officers confiscate guns, document gang members, make numerous drug arrests, serve search warrants, conduct license check points and assist patrol officers and investigators when necessary. These officers provide district commanders with much-needed flexibility to deal with a variety of issues.