Budget & Management Services

FY 2019-20 Budget Process

Click these links or the images below to view the City of Durham FY20 Adopted Budget and the City of Durham FY20 Capital Improvement Plan.

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The Budget and Management Services Department is responsible for the development and oversight of the city’s annual budget and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The department is also responsible for performance management and strategic planning. The department provides policy and management analysis to support decision making. The department primarily supports 2 Strategic Plan goals:

  1. Innovative and High Performing Organization
  2. Sustainable Natural and Built Environment

Transparency & Accountability Efforts

Other departmental responsibilities include training and support for the MUNIS/ERP budgeting module, the coordination of cross-organization training and leadership initiatives such as Culture of Service, and participation in downtown and neighborhood economic strategies. Overall the department is focusing on furthering the goal of transparency and accountability with its operations and communications and enhancing resident and employee engagement.