Envision - Strategic Plan


The City of Durham FY 19-21 Strategic Plan has been approved!

But…now what? There are over 100 initiatives included in the plan, many of them cross-departmental in nature. How do we ensure success? Initiatives require decision making, accountability, deeper dives into data and discussions with varying groups. This is hard to do with the whirlwind of the day-to-day work that is happening across the organization. Durham Strategy and Performance (DSAP) is a new program to ensure departments get the support and assistance that they need to be successful.

What is DSAP?

Each initiative in the Citywide Strategic Plan participates in a semi-annual (at minimum) DSAP meeting to provide initiative teams an opportunity to share their current status. The main emphasis is on initiative milestones along with their related data and measures. This is an opportunity for initiative owners to gain clarity and discuss issues and/or roadblocks to their initiative’s advancement.

The most recent Strategic Plan Initiative Progress Highlight report is now available online! This brief report below shows a fraction of The City of Durham FY 19-21 Strategic Plan initiatives that have made exemplary progress since the Strategic Plan’s adoption.

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