South Ellerbe Stormwater Project

A constructed wetland that will filter polluted stormwater from 485 acres of downtown Durham is being considered for the former Duke Diet and Fitness Center site on West Trinity Avenue. This location is unique in its ability to treat a large amount of runoff.  Finding locations in the developed downtown to treat water pollution is a challenge. Building one large wetland could save the City money in the long run. The project could help us meet Falls Lake Rules Stage I reduction by providing around 25% of the reduction needed with this one project.

The City is seeking input on the proposed concept plan for the site. Several public meetings have been held for the public to ask questions and learn more about the proposed concept plan. For information, contact Sandra Wilbur, Megan Walsh, or Lance.Fontaine.

City Council approved acquisition of the property at 808 W. Trinity Avenue in the October 19, 2015 City Council Meeting.
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Design services contract for the project is scheduled for City Council on the February 6, 2017 meeting.
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Handout from the meetings:

South Ellerbe Wetland Fact Sheet (PDF)

South Ellerbe Wetland Q&A (PDF)

South Ellerbe Wetland Concept Plan (PDF)

Feasibility Study for a Stormwater Retrofit at Former Duke Diet and Fitness Center (PDF)

Proposed Stormwater Control Measure Retrofit at Former Duke Diet and Fitness Center Site Technical Memo (PDF)

Additional information

Phase I - Environmental Site Assessment (PDF; 38 MB)

Limited Phase II (PDF)

Additional Soil and Groundwater Assessment (PDF)

City of Durham Ellerbe Creek Watershed Information

City of Durham Ellerbe Creek Watershed Improvement Plan