Recruiting & Employment

Current Positions

  1. Benefits

    Obtain benefits information for all positions within the Durham Police Department.

  2. Disqualifiers

    Learn more information on what items or actions may disqualify your candidacy for becoming an officer.

  3. Durham Police Academy

    The Durham Police Department is dedicated to hiring and training officers who represent the best the law enforcement profession has to offer. Only after an extensive pre-employment process do we even start to mold a recruit into a professional, dedicated officer.

  4. Hiring Process

    Access information on the hiring process for positions within the Durham Police Department.

  5. Open House Calendar

    Find open house dates and information for the Durham Police Headquarters.

  6. Physical Fitness

    View a description of the physical fitness evaluation for potential officer candidates.

  7. Police Training Officer Program

    The Durham Police Training Officer (PTO) Program teaches essential critical thinking skills through intensive problem-based learning techniques.

  8. Recruiting FAQs (PDF)

    See answers to frequently asked questions about the Durham Police Department Recruitment Unit.

  9. Requirements

    Learn more about the requirements to become an officer in the Durham Police Department.