Fire Maintenance

The Fire Maintenance division of Fleet Management is responsible for maintaining and repairing 30 suppression and support vehicles along with providing 24/7 emergency support. This is all done in careful consideration of all NFPA regulations as well as federal highway standards. The division assists in the writing of apparatus specifications and acceptance of completed vehicles. Vehicles are also commissioned and decommissioned by the Fire Maintenance team.

The facility is equipped with a 17,000 gallon in-ground tank for performance testing of all pumps annually as well as after major repairs. It is equipped with an extendable under-floor lift that accommodates the varying wheelbase lengths and allows the mechanics full access to the underside. It has a capacity of 60,000 pounds. Personnel have a multitude of specialized equipment for power train diagnostics as well as metal fabrication at their disposal. All personnel participate in certification testing with the Emergency Vehicle Certification Commission.