Business & Employment

  1. Business Resources

    The City of Durham’s Business Development Services provides information about programs, organizations, financial and professional resources that support and assist in the creation, retention and expansion of businesses in Durham.

  2. Department of Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for developing, interpreting, and administering the personnel program and policies that govern all City employees.

  3. Durham Development Review Portal

    The Development Review Section and the Urban Design Section of the Durham City-County Planning Department review site plans and plats, and serve as case managers and the central distribution point for plans going to each operational department in the city and/or the county.

  4. Durham Employment Resources

    The office oversees economic development activities, provides support services to Durham businesses and serves as a liaison between City government and the business community for economic, business and workforce development.

  5. Durham YouthWork Internship Program

    The Durham YouthWork Internship Program offers Durham youth ages 14-21 the opportunity to gain work experience and develop skills while connecting with City and County jobs in various businesses.

  6. Office of Economic & Workforce Development

    The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) innovatively drives economic prosperity in Durham.

  7. Permits & Inspections

    The Land Development Office (LDO) creates, tracks, maintains, and manage applications, permits, inspections, and code violations.

  8. Surplus Properties

    The City of Durham occasionally advertises properties for sale that are no longer needed for a public use.