Water Quality

The City of Durham is dedicated to providing high quality drinking water to our customers. We also strive to protect the environment through effective water reclamation (wastewater treatment). To achieve this, the city's water treatment plants and water reclamation facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Lab Tests
Our state-certified laboratory tests for over 100 different substances in the water we provide to customers. Lab staff also conducts thousands of analyses per year to ensure our wastewater discharge meets all state and federal standards before it is returned to the environment. Our cross connection control program staff inspects back-flow prevention installations to ensure that Durham's high quality drinking water is not compromised by contamination.

The City of Durham is proud of our efforts to preserve water quality and is happy to offer more information about water quality. Our annual water quality report presents updates on Durham's drinking water and treatment processes. We also prepare an annual sewer system report that explains the city's wastewater treatment and collection system performance. Both reports are available online. Please call 919-560-4381 to request copies of either report or for more information about water treatment or water reclamation (wastewater treatment).