Durham Saves Water

Durham Saves Water is a Department of Water Management site that makes it easy to find valuable information on water-related matters in Durham. The Department of Water Management serves Durham residents by providing high quality drinking water, superior customer service, environmental protection through effective wastewater treatment, infrastructure maintenance and conservation, and by maintaining compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Nonwovens and FOGs (Fats, Oils, and Greases)

The Department's Industrial Waste Control Division provides information and products to assist customers with helping us keep our sewers clean. When wastewater pipes become blocked by oil and grease, a common result may be sewer overflows. Sewer overflows can have potentially serious environmental health impacts. The easiest way to help prevent overflows is to minimize grease disposal into the collection system from homes and restaurants. Learn how to prevent Nonwovens and FOGs from entering our sewer system.