Durham Bike & Hike Map

Bike and Hike Map Image
To print only a portion of the map:
  1. Open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Zoom and scroll to the desired area on the map.
  3. Go to: File > Print. Under 'Pages to Print,' select 'More Options,' then select ‘Current View’ and print.

What's on the Map?

The Durham Bike and Hike Map shows locations in the city where cyclists and pedestrians can walk or bike. The map also shows locations of steep hills, trailheads, parking, and points of interest.

A general summary:
  • Purple lines - shared use trails or paths closed to motor vehicles and used by both cyclists and pedestrians. In the legend shown as "multi-use paths".
  • Blue lines - bicycle lanes next to a roadway suitable for bicycles and shared active vehicles, but not pedestrians. In the legend shown as "bicycle lanes". 
  • Green lines - streets with shared lane markings that have less traffic and are suitable for biking. In the legend shown as "shared roadway on lower traffic streets".
  • Light Orange lines - streets with moderate traffic and wider outside shoulders for more experienced riders. In the legend shown as "shared roadway with outside lane".
  • Dark Orange lines - streets with higher traffic volumes or speeds, mainly for the most experienced riders. In the legend shown as as "roads often used by experienced cyclists".
  • Dashed green lines - trails suitable for hiking or walking and not intended for use by cyclists. In the legend shown as "hiking/walking trail".

Provide Comments on the Bike and Hike Map

If you have suggestions for changes or additions to the map, please provide your input through this online comment form.