Water Efficient Showerheads & Save Water Kits

Save Water Kits

  • One 1.5 gallon per minute Earth Massage showerhead
  • One 1.5 gallon per minute dual spray kitchen swivel aerator
  • One 1.0 gallon per minute bathroom sink aerator
  • One toilet fill valve diverter (toilet water saver)
  • One dye tablet pack (toilet leak test)
These kits are available at Customer Billing Services, Durham City Hall, 1st Floor. Limit of 5 Save Water Kits per customer for $3 each.

If you are an apartment or property manager, plumber or building contractor, email James Lim, conservation program coordinator, for information on bulk purchases, or call 919-560-4381.

Showerhead Exchange

Popular Showerhead Exchanges are held in conjunction with community events. During these events, City of Durham water customers may physically exchange their old water-wasting showerheads for water efficient (1.5 GPM) showerheads at no cost. The deluxe model water-efficient showerheads featured at the exchanges are also part of our Save Water Kits. These are available year-round at City Hall for $3 each.