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Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste collection is an optional fee-based program. For a $72 fee, residents are enrolled into the yard waste program from July 1 to June 30. The service fee does not include the cart rental fee.  If a cart is at your residence and you apply for service you will be charged an $18 leasing fee. Note that this is an annual service that cannot be cancelled. Yard waste customers must notify Solid Waste Management in the event of address change.

Renewals occur annually in July. Reminders will be delivered to monthly customers through the Citizens' Newsletter enclosed with the quarterly water bill. Reminders will be sent to residents using several of the City's outreach methods such as Facebook and Twitter, DTN (City's government television channel on Time Warner Cable channel 8), and in the City Manager's Report.
Conveniently, you can email your yard waste application to Applications can also be mailed or faxed to Solid Waste Management using the contact information on the application. Paid subscribers are entitled to two free collections of bulky brush. The resident will be charged for any additional debris removal.
Yard waste includes:
•  Leaves
•  Grass
•  Shrub clippings
•  Garden residue
•  Twigs
•  Branches and small limbs (Not more than 6 inches in 
•  diameter and 4 feet in length)
Proper way to prepare Yard Waste for collection
Yard waste must be set out with garbage by 6 a.m. for next-day collection. Yard waste carts are only serviced when the cart has been set out at the same time that the garbage is set out.
•  No personal containers or garbage carts will be collected.
•  Cart, with sticker, must be used first; then biodegradable 
    bags can be used.
•  Cart sticker should be placed in the appropriate place on the         brown yard waste cart.* see picture
•  Cart is rolled to the curb with the bar facing towards the street.
•  Cart lid should be closed.
•  If lid cannot close, yard waste can extend only two feet out of  
•  Weight of container must not exceed 175 pounds.
•  Bundles must be securely tied to be collected.
•  Bundles should be no more than 18 inches in diameter weighing 
    no more than 75 pounds.

•  Only brown biodegradable paper bags will be collected.
•  Bags should be placed close together.
•  A maximum of 10 biodegradable bags per week, weighing no      
   more than 25 pounds, can be set out on collection day.
Yard waste will be collected if placed in the brown yard waste cart with current sticker, placed in brown biodegradable paper bags, and/or bundled appropriately. Neither dirt nor rocks are considered yard waste. Allow up to three business days for missed carts to be collected.

If you are an exempt customer and have multiple yard waste carts, only one cart will be serviced at the house. All other carts and/or bags must be brought curbside for service.

Image of yard waste container - Proper placement of yard waste sticker: top left corner, visible from the street





Image of yard waste collectors



 Image of yard waste collectors