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Building Regulations and Enforcement

Solid Waste Management employs code enforcement officers that have the authority to levy fines for noncompliance of City ordinances. For information on ordinances click the link below.

Building Regulations and Enforcement
•  Chapter 58 and 26 summarized - Main points from Durham’s Solid Waste Ordinances  and the provisions commonly violated
•  Remediation and Civil Enforcement policy - Ordinance provisions
•  Remedial Activity Rules - Departmental enforcement procedures
•  Fee Schedule (Chapter 14, Solid Waste Management) 
•  Garbage and Recycling -All site plans must make provisions for handling garbage, cardboard, and other recyclable items
•  Site Plan conditions- All site plans must meet several conditions before approval
•  Capacity - Information on solid waste generation rates and container capacity  
•  Waivers​ - Communities with private streets that request City garbage collection service must sign a waiver

Picture of shopping cart fulll of debris 

picture of debris



picture of cement blocks



picture of bad set out