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Volunteer with DPR
Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) relies on a strong volunteer base to provide programs and services to the residents and visitors of Durham. Volunteer opportunities with Durham Parks and Recreation fall into five categories. These include: Specialized Skills, Tutors/Mentors, Special Events, Internships/Practicum and Service.
Specialized Skills
These positions require the volunteer to possess a specific skill. Specialized skills positions include: coaches, referees, instructors, office assistants, and special program /inclusion mature adult program assistants.
Tutors/mentors will primarily work with youth in community and neighborhood centers. While as the name suggests many of these volunteers will be working as a tutor or mentor these volunteers may also help lead a club or camp through DPR. These positions may include the following: Youth Crime Watch of America leaders, 4-H Club leaders, afterschool and summer camp assistants, and special program /inclusion mature adult program assistant program buddies.
Special Events
Special events volunteers assist with any special, one time, or annual programs sponsored or hosted by DPR. These volunteers may help with the actual event or may serve on planning and steering committees involved with the event for which they are volunteering. Special events volunteer opportunities are great for group projects!
Special events include:
Earth Day – April
Bimbe’ – May
Latino Festival - September
Woofstock - October

Holiday Fun Fest - December
Santa Paws - December

To volunteer for a special event click here to register. 

Internships and Practicums
Internships with Durham Parks and Recreation consist of many positions in units throughout the department. These positions may be specifically created for a special event or need within the department or may be positions that are ongoing. Internships will have an agreed upon task or tasks and duration of the position to be arranged with supervisory staff and intern. Some Internship positions include: marketing assistant, after school assistant, special event planner, and adventure programs facilitator.
Service positions include volunteers interested in doing service projects or adopting a park or greenway. These positions are generally created as an individual or group approaches DPR with interest in doing a specific service project. Some service positions and opportunities include: trail assistance, Eagle Scout or scouting troop projects, and Adopt-A-Park/Adopt-A-Trail.
Please note: Due to the nature of some of our volunteer opportunities, DPR volunteers may be required to undergo a background check.
If you are interested in volunteering with DPR or would like additional information regarding the volunteer opportunities available, email Mal Atkinson or call 560-4355.