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City Lakes

Image of Lake Michie


                                                                          Lake Michie
Enjoy the Lake Michie and Litte River Lake
The lakes are open for the season until November 17

Lake Hours
Friday-Monday from 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The lakes will also be open on the following holidays: April 18 (Good Friday), April 20 (Easter), May 26 (Memorial Day), July 4 (Indpendence Day), and September 1 (Labor Day).

Canoes, kayaks and john boats are available to rent. Personal boats and motors are not allowed on Little River Lake.

DPR Offers Night Fishing (November 7 and 14)
On Saturday, November 7 and 14, the general public can enjoy Lake Michie by day and by night as it will be open for recreational boating and fishing from 6:30 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Due to the extended hours on those days, Lake Michie will be closed for fishing and boating on Saturday, November 1 and 8. 

All Coast Guard regulations will be in effect, including the need for running lights on your vessel. Persons intending to rent boats from DPR for night fishing must bring their own running lights. Boating regulations may be found here.The fees listed below apply.

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Lake Michie (919) 477-3906
Lake Michie offers some of the finest largemouth bass fishing in the Piedmont. Rent a city boat and motor from us or launch your own boat for a relaxing day of fishing without the hassles found at larger lakes.
Bank Fishing (age 16 and up) $2 $3 $7 $8
Motor Boat Launch $5 $6 $10 $11
Non-Motor Boat Launch $4 $5 $9 $10
Boat/Canoe Only-6 hours $5 $6 $10 $11
Electric Motor Rental (per 6 hrs) $10 $11 $14.50 $16
Additional Battery Rental (per day) $10 $11 $14.50 $16
Little River Lake (919) 477-7889
The boating and fishing facilities offer bank fishing as well as electric motor and rowboat rentals. The facility is located at the intersection of Orange Factory and Blalock roads in northern Durham County.
Bank Fishing (age 16 and up) $2 $3 $7 $8
Boat Only - 6 hours $5 $6 $10 $11
Electric Motor Rental (per 6 hrs) $10 $11 $14.50 $16
Additional Battery Rental (per day) $10 $11 $14.50 $16
CR PC: City Resident Play More Card; CR NPC: City Resident No Play More Card: NCR PC: Non City Resident Play More Card; and
NCR NPC: Non City Resident No Play More Card.

Special Notice: Little River is a primary water supply for the City of Durham. For this reason, we must limit and control recreational activities at the lake. Please adhere to the following guidelines and instructions to protect our water source.
Please Note: We do not give refunds or free rentals.To receive the Play More discount, you must show your Play More card to attendant. To rent or launch a boat, you must show a government-issued photo ID. Your home address must be in Durham to receive the resident rate.