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Water Supply Status

 Image of the Lake Michie Dam Structure                                                                         Image of Lake Michie

            Dam Structure at Lake Michie                                       Lake Michie Reservoir          

Image of Little River Reservoir Dam StructureImage of Little River Reservoir

                     Little River Reservoir                            Dam Structure at Little River Reservoir

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Current Conditions
(*All data is provisional and subject to change.)
Source Water (Reservoir) Levels 
  August 26, 2015:
   Lake Michie Elevation: 339.60 feet mean sea level (msl)
   Little River Reservoir Elevation: 348.75 feet, msl
   Lake Michie is full at 341.00 feet mean sea level (msl)
   Little River Reservoir is full at 355.00 feet, msl.
 Comparative Historical Graphs of Durham's Lake Levels 
Graph of Durham's Lake Levels


Days of Supply ("MGD" stands for million gallons per day)
  Using the 30-day running average demand figure of   31.47 MGD as of Aug 26, 2015:
 Days of supply of easily accessible, premium water remaining in Durham’s reservoirs: 163

 Days of less accessible water below the intake structures remaining: 38
 Days remaining in Teer Quarry (emergency storage): 19

 Total days of supply: 220

August 26, 2015
Month-to-Date Average
August 2014 Average
31.79 MGD
31.46 MGD 
25.18 MGD

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Drought Status  (*Drought Status map is updated on a weekly basis.)
  Current Conditions in Durham: Abnormally Dry
Image of State Drought Map



(NC State Drought Conditions**)

Precipitation Data  (*Precipitation Data is updated on a weekly basis.)

August 23, 2015:

                   Reservoir Name
              Month-to-Date Totals
        Year-to-Date Totals
                  Lake Michie
               0.4 in.                               
   19.90 in.
                  Little River
1.4​ in.
 20.35 in.

The Flat River feeds into Lake Michie and the Little River feeds into Little River Reservoir. Linked below are
the real-time flow rates of these rivers:

Flat River**
Little River**
Year-Round Irrigation Schedule
Image of Grid of Watering Schedule


•  Odd-numbered addresses may water once on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays either before 10 a.m. 
    or after 6 p.m.
•  Even-numbered addresses may water once on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays either before 10 a.m. 
    or after 6 p.m.
•  No watering may occur between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on allowed watering days.
•  No customers are permitted to water on Mondays.
•  Temporary licenses will be allowed to establish new landscapes. Image of sprinkler watering the grass

Download the Watering License Application


•  Hand-watering and drip irrigation systems are not restricted.
Drought Information
Our region has suffered from measurable drought conditions on three different occasions (2002, 2005, and
2007-2008) between 2000 - 2010. Below is graphical data detailing demand and consumption information for
the period of 2000 - 2009.
Demand figures in the graphs are displayed in "million gallons per day"
. Included is the reduction in demand that was obtained through the issuance of varying levels of
water restrictions. Restriction "stages" were changed in June 2009 with the adoption of the new Year-Round
Water Efficiency Ordinance.    








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                                                                                                                               Williams WTP