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Rain Barrel Sales

The New "Ivy" Rain Barrel
The City of Durham’s Department of Water Management, in conjunction with Rain Water Solutions, Inc., is offering rain barrels at wholesale. Rain barrels are just $70 plus tax. 
Rain Barrel features and specifications: 
50 gallon rain barrel
Ivy is made of 50 percent recycled plastic and is 100 percent recyclable.
Easy to assemble, install and is stable when full.
Rain Barrel Dimensions
Height: 42.5 inches Top diameter: 22.5 inches
bottom diameter: 18 inches
Empty: 16 pounds
Full: 424 pounds
Function and Features
• Made in the USA!
• Locking lid with reusable zip ties
• All parts included, 3/4-inch valve, mosquito screen,
and overflow hose
• Barrels nest for easy storage
• Linking capability
• Two overflow ports
• Meets EPA safety standards
• Opaque HDPE material
Bonus - three Ivys will easily fit in the back seat
of a mid size sedan       
If you are interested in purchasing a rain barrel, order online or purchase by check by calling  (919) 560-4381, ext. 35259 or 35248 for information on availability and pick-up.
Rain barrels sold through the City of Durham are available only to Durham residents.
Delivery is not available.