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Durham Police Department Phone Listings
All numbers are in the 919 area code.

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For All Emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Call (919) 560-4601 if you are out of town and need to report an emergency in Durham.

Command Staff Phone List
Chief of Police
Chief Jose L. Lopez, Sr. 560-4322
Deputy Chief Operations Deputy Chief Larry Smith   560-4322
Deputy Chief Operations Support Deputy Chief Anthony Marsh Sr.
Executive Officer to the Chief
Capt. Marianne Bond​ 560-4322
Assistant Chiefs Northside Operations Assistant Chief Ed Sarvis

Southside Operations Assistant Chief Winslow Forbes 560-4322

Administrative Services Bureau
Assistant Chief Jesse Burwell 560-4322

Investigative Services Bureau Assistant Chief Rick Pendergrass
Divisions and Districts Patrol Bureau
Executive Officer
Capt. Mike Benton 560-4322

Community Services Capt. Kevin Cates

Criminal Investigations Capt. Patrice Andrews​ 560-4440

Special Operations Captain Todd Rose 560-4454

Professional Standards Capt. Delma Allen

District One Capt. Walter Tate

District Two                              Capt. Gregory Pickrell 560-4582

District Three Captain David Addison 560-4583

District Four Captain Terrence Sembly​

Central District Captain Brian Reitz

Information and Technology Randy Browning 560-4304

Police Attorney Toni Smith 560-4587

Training and Personnel Captain Mark Sykes 560-4168
Durham Police Department Substations
District One
921 Holloway St. 560-4281
District Two Eno Square Shopping Center 5285 North Roxboro Rd. 560-4582
District Three   #8 Consultant Place 560-4583
District Four
2945 South Miami Blvd, Suite 135
Central District Downtown 516 Rigsbee Ave. 560-4935

Other Durham Police Department Phone Numbers
All Emergencies 9-1-1
Accreditation 560-4322
Crime Analysis 560-4258
CrimeStoppers 683-1200
Criminal Investigations 560-4440
Desk Officer 560-4427
Employee Services 560-4402
Identification 560-4432
Non-Emergency Number 560-4600/560-4601
Patrol Support 560-4438
Police Attorney 560-4587/4588
Professional Standards / Internal Affairs 560-4430
Records 560-4423
Recruiting 560-4575
Special Events Applications 560-4935, ext. 29405
Special Operations/Organized Crime 560-4454
Traffic Services 560-4935
Training 560-4168
Telephone Response Unit 560-4525
All Emergencies 9-1-1
Other Helpful Phone Numbers
Durham County Sheriff's Office 560-0900
Durham County Jail Inmate Information 560-0772
North Carolina Highway Patrol Durham Office 560-6868
Durham County District Attorney's Office 564-7100
Durham County Clerk of Court 564-7070
Durham County Magistrate's Office 560-6826
Duke University Police Department 684-2444
NCCU Police Department 530-6106